Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Dancers

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Dancers are a group of women and men from the MCFN community that grew up surrounded by the elements of nature and come with the understanding of Anishinaabe dance & culture. The mother’s heartbeat, is the first drum these dancers heard and within any dance, there is acknowledgment for the beat; it’s the birth of life or celebration of creation. Every step is in mirrored movements – dancers are to be adaptive and ready for reaction – the essentials to a water dance. In traditional teachings, it is the women’s role to be the protectors of water, and ceremonial song & dance become a form of protection. Each regalia is customized by the dancers and their dance style; the dancer takes on that responsibility to carry those teachings forward. The group translates the theme of water through many means: action, reaction, visuals, description and vocal acknowledgment. Every body of water is like the blood that runs through the veins of Mother Earth, we are protectors to keep her alive so she may bring forth the sustenance of life for all creation.

Tabitha McNaughton :

Tabitha McNaughton

Quinton Sault :

Quinton Sault

Ransom Doxtator :

Ransom Doxtator

Cathie Jamieson :

Cathie Jamieson

Rachele King :

Rachele King

Jai King-Green :

Jai King-Green