Information regarding The Kiinwi Dabaadjmowin Mural from the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Website

Description Of Scenes
The larger scenes guiding the story within the mural reflects three times or eras.

The first portion depicts the Anishinabe (Ojibway) Creation Story and teachings.

The second portion shows our transition from woodland life to village life at Credit River in Mississauga/Toronto, and out move to our present location with Chief Peter Jones. Also exhibited during this time is a scene of World Wars 1 and 11, to acknowledge and honour the many members that enlisted. The picture of the residential school is an example of forced government assimilation.

The Third portion depicts the predictions from the seven prophets and our hopes for the future.


In the culture of the Mississauga of The Credit First Nations, Eagle represents communication.
The Mississauga people were known to be great communicators, and one of their roles was to act as messengers between Nations.

Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon is the twin of Grandfather Fire.
They are spiritually balanced, and represent the dualities that co-exist within us all.