Mural Descriptions

Time 1

First man was lowered to the eastern shores of North America as the seventh and final fire of creation. Man and wolf walked the earth and named all things before the Creator instructed them to part. First Man travels to meet his father, the spirit of the West. Father provides first man with a pipe that will be used in the future to help his people. Also shown, a boy receiving gifts from the Seven Grandfathers. First man meets his wife at the Eastern door (daughter of Firekeeper) and they conceive four sons. The four sons move in the four directions. Great flood and coming of the second people -Turtle Island. Great migration of the Ojibway from the Atlantic coast to the Wisconsin area, following the sacred Megis shell (One stop was at Niagara Falls.) First man’s journey on Turtle Island learning lessons i.e. our shadow or twines, which he received from what most call the Sasquatch. This portion also blends to show the traditional woodland lifestyle.

Time 2   

Conversion to village life at the Credit River, Mississauga, Ontario Chief Peter Jones helped with our move to our present location, approximately 75 miles southwest of Toronto. Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation’s first buildings – United Church and Council House Local residential school shown as an example of the many Canadian Government policies that forced assimilation Buffalo, a guardian to the natural people, stood firm with legs planted like trees in the earth. As the Anishinabe were losing their teachings the Buffalo was losing legs. He remains standing with one leg as best he can. World War I and World War II – A high percentage of men from New Credit enlisted and went to war.

Time 3 

Seven Fires – Seven Prophets – Seven Predictions All predictions have come into being and Anishinabe are thought to be in the seventh fire: The emerging of a new people that will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Rock Art – Midewiwin Lodge and song records Megis shells are song scrolls of Midewiwin Image from birch bark scroll of Northern Minnesota shows path of the Midewiwin ceremonies. Image of hope -Youth seeking guidance of elders for journey into future.

Bottom Border - Symbolic 

Along the entire bottom of the mural is a border of smaller pictures that complement the telling of our story. These symbolic style images were created by Tracey Anthony


Beginning of Seven Fires of Creation

Black circle: 

Silence & voice

White circle: 

1st Fire – First thought

2nd Fire – The sun

3rd Fire – The moon and unfolding of twinness  

4th Fire – First movement, causing universe to move and balanced by the four directions

5th Fire – First seed (Creator took his seed thoughts and shaped them into kernels containing the essence of life)

6th Fire – Creation of Earth and spreading of seeds on earth.

7th Fire – One in his own image

1.First human being and wolf sent to travel with man First man builds dugout canoe, goes to Nokomis, builds her lodge, and receives her wisdom.

2. Nokomis sends Anishinabe (first man) to Firekeeper to retrieve fire. Nokomis goes to be with moon.

3. Man begins search for his father in the land of the Thunder, begins in the west. Song of Firekeeper’s daughter draws him back to east for marriage.

4. Four sons born and they go to live in the four directions Four door keepers at four directions:

North – Bear, Northern Lights and sweetgrass

East – Tobacco and knowledge

South – Seeds of life and cedar

West – Beyond home of spirits and sage

Ice age, runners to communicate and gather

wolf pups to help man.


5. Great flood, animals dive for earth and give to man on turtles back. Coming of second people. Anishinabe/Waynaboozhoo’s journey to find father. Anishinabe meets buffalo Waynaboozhoo sees eagle, meets grizzly-great bear of North. Receives bear claws – bravery.

Great flood, animals dive for earth and give to man on turtles back. Coming of second people. Anishinabe/Waynaboozhoo’s journey to find father. 

6. Anishinabe meets buffalo Waynaboozhoo sees eagle, meets grizzly-great bear of North. Receives bear claws – bravery. Waynaboozhoo meets Wildman (twinness); woodpecker warns of storm and coming of father, thinks of teachings on journey. Waynaboozhoo fights with father, father gives him pipe.

7. Raccoon cleaning his food – Waynaboozhoo learns to care for self as sacred. Strawberries are heart berries, connected to all – used for Spring ceremonies, and roots for purifying body.

8. Returns to his people, the relatives of his four sons with the teachings from his journey. Bluejay announces his arrival. Little boy receives gifts from Seven Grandfathers, with otter he returns to his people as old man.

9. Old man and first Midewiwin Ceremony to heal young boy. Waterdrum – houses seven teachings and all that is necessary for life to balance physical and spiritual (twinness). Waynaboozhoo showed man how to use pipe and tobacco to create peace and overcome pride, selfishness and conflict.

10. On behalf of man still following life-giving ways, the Eagle pleads with creator to spare them from the destruction of earth that was ordered to rid the world of corruption. Seeking spiritual advice through vision quest. Sweat Lodge ceremony attained from Seven Grandfathers through boy’s vision quest.

11. Seven prophets came to early people with seven predictions of future (Seven Fires) Migration of Anishinabe from North Eastern Shore following the Megis Shell which appears at seven points over an expansive time period.

Anishinabe split into three groups – Three Fires: Odawa, Ojibway, and Potawatomi. Explorers, voyagers and Jesuits come into contact. Harvesting of wild rice and steam ship helping with move to New Credit from Credit River.

Eagle carries spirit of people into future. Young dancer represents revival of culture and life ways. Elder holding child, passing on love and knowledge.

All information courtesy of The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation