The Kiinwi Dabaadjmowin Mural


In 2002, the library walls of Lloyd S. King Elementary School in The Credit became awash with the colourful history of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. Indigenous artists Philip Cote, Tracey Anthony and Rebecca Baird worked in tandem with students to bring the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation’s Creation story to life in the Kiinwi Dabaadjmowin (“Our Story”) mural.


It was through the inspiration of this original art that in March 2015, The Harmony Collaboration was born. Harmony's objective is to create new bodies of work to increase public awareness and facilitate a greater understanding of the mural and its story. Harmony's commissioned artists have created a musical theatre performance entitled FIRST that expresses the wisdom contained in the mural through poetry, music and dance.

Description of Scenes

Time #1

The larger scenes guiding the story within the mural reflect three times or eras. These portions were developed by Philip Cote and Rebecca Baird. The first portion depicts the Anishinabe (Ojibway) Creation Story and teachings. 


Photo Credit: Kaytee Dalton

Time #2

The second portion shows our transition from woodland life to village life at Credit River in Mississauga/Toronto,  and our move to our present location with Chief Peter Jones. Also exhibited during this time is a scene of World  Wars I and II, to acknowledge and honour the many members that enlisted. The picture of the residential school is  an example of forced government assimilation. 


Photo Credit: Kaytee Dalton


Time #3

The third portion depicts the predictions from the seven prophets and our hopes for the future.


Photo Credit: Kaytee Dalton

The content for the mural was guided by a volunteer working group of New Credit community members: Philip Cote - Coordinating Artist, Rebecca Baird - Artist, Tracey Anthony - Artist and aspiring artists Eric Laforme, Rachele King and Jocelyn Hill. The story being told will benefit our community by providing a foundation for future community programs and curriculum development.