Theatre Group

Theatre Group Rehearsal

Performance at the MCFN Gala Dinner

PowWow Muskrat performers

The Theatre Group program is open to Mississaugas of the Credit students and youth. Saturday sessions take place bi-weekly at Lloyd S. King Elementary in New Credit. Program Director Joanna Burt and Stage Manager JT Rivera take participants through a wide array of theatre skills training and rehearsals leading to a full performance. This popular program continues to operate virtually throughout the COVID-19 shutdowns. For more information contact Caitlin Laforme.

Excerpt of a Virtual Performance of Water


Designed by mural artist Philip Coté, these ten headpieces were created for the premiere of the full-length musical FIRST. Now exhibited in glass display cases in the lobby of the MCFN Community Centre, this resource is used to share MCFN's culture with visitors. The headpieces are also used in performance, representing the animals who survived the Great Flood and the main characters of the Indigenous creation story.

In The Works

Original charcoal sketches by Philip Coté

Charcoal Sketches 

These compelling charcoal drawings by Kiinwi Dabaadjmowin mural artist Philip Coté were created as large-scale study sketches. Rich in cultural content and detail, without restoration and conservation these powerful drawings will be lost. The sketches project will preserve, photograph and frame the images. Full-scale photographs will be exhibited in public venues in communities throughout the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit, and the framed original drawings will be permanently displayed in the community.

The Naming

The Naming, the latest excerpt from FIRST, is a 30-minute bilingual presentation in Anishinaabemowin and English. The story begins. Eagle descends into the world, bringing the words of the Creator. Creator breathes Life and Love into the world, and all Creation feels the oneness and kinship that exists between all living things. The animals and plants receive names and purpose, and all living things receive Creator's gifts. Great thanks is given, and Life begins. Performance skills developed by the participants include speaking in Anishinaabemowin, vocalization, movement and teamwork.


Coming soon, a new performance entitled Eagle. Excerpted from FIRST, the story of the eagle is mixed with the dynamic energy of hip hop.

Original Charcoal sketches by Philip Coté